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What’s the point of the Ilkley Parking Survey?

Where there is little or no public opinion, there is likely to be bad government, which sooner or later becomes autocratic government.

William Lyon Mackenzie

In July 2019 Bradford Metropolitan District Council will fully implement the plans that have been proposed and discussed over the last 12 months.

The main aim of these proposed plans was to solve the parking problem on the streets near the station. This has been a long-running problem caused be people driving to the station and then leaving their vehicles whilst they catch the train to Leeds, Bradford and beyond.

The proposals that the council came up with, after spending a substantial amount on consultations with experts, was to enforce resident parking permits on many streets throughout central Ilkley and to start charge for on-street parking in places where parking has always been free of charge.

After putting forward these proposals there have been several public consultations held at the Clarke Foley centre in Ilkley, and the council has also been accepting written opinions and questions via the post and online.

Local councillors have worked hard to ensure that the views of residents, businesses and visitors to Ilkley were taken into account, but Bradford Council seem to have completely disregarded these efforts and pushed ahead with the original proposals regardless of the public opinion.

The primary objective of this survey is not to change the planned implementation of these measures, as this is now too late, but instead to provide publicly available proof of the views held by Ilkley residents, business, and visitors. A secondary aim is to provide a public forum for the ideas and suggestions put forward to Bradford Council, but ignored.

The initial results of this survey show that almost all Ilkley residents agree that something had to be done about parking. Hopefully, the survey will reveal if the measures currently being put into place are deemed to be the right ones, and also whether people feel they will have a positive or negative impact on Ilkley in the future.

This is a completely independent survey and nothing to do with Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The survey is being conducted free of charge by an Ilkley resident and the results will be shared publicly on this web site. The aim is to allow people to have a say and for their opinion, thoughts and ideas to be heard. The survey results will provide a benchmark that can be used in any further studies after the parking measures have been introduced, to identify whether the changes have been judged to a success of a failure. A massive thanks goes out to everyone who takes the time to contribute.