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Post a comment below with your thoughts about the survey results, your thoughts on parking in Ilkley, your ideas, or anything else you feel might benefit the discussion.

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  • The difference between what men and women thought
  • How the young and old think differently
  • The varying opinions depending on occupation
  • How people respondent to a selection of different ideas

Plus hundreds of excellent written comments that were submitted by respondents providing lots of serious food for thought

The results page shows just the edited highlight. There were lots more enlightening findings and you can read them all in the detailed survey results report.

There is also a report that includes a copy of all the comments made by people. This makes for some very interesting reading and provides a real insight into the views of both Ilkley residents and visitors.

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This is a completely independent survey and nothing to do with Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The survey is being conducted free of charge by an Ilkley resident and the results will be shared publicly on this web site. The aim is to allow people to have a say and for their opinion, thoughts and ideas to be heard. The survey results will provide a benchmark that can be used in any further studies after the parking measures have been introduced, to identify whether the changes have been judged to a success of a failure. A massive thanks goes out to everyone who takes the time to contribute.