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Share your thoughts on Ilkley Parking

Will the new parking measures and charges be positive or negative?

Hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard, to share in the decisions of government which shape men's lives — Robert Kennedy

Your chance to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas in a completely anonymous way so that Bradford Metropolitan District Council can see exactly what Ilkley residents and visitors think about the new parking measures and charges due to be introduced in July 2019.

Why it is important that you share
your opinion on this matter

Most people agree that parking is an issue in Ilkley.

Maybe it is because …

  • You struggle to park outside your property or even on your own street
  • You are concerned about jobs and the local economy in general
  • You worry about how it will impact on visitors to this beautiful little town
  • You are scared that it will kill the high street
  • You struggle park your car at the station to catch the train
  • You are concerned with the environmental impact of people overusing their cars
  • You feel people are lazy and need to walk rather than drive
  • You think that this is nothing but a council money-grab
  • You don’t think the proposals actually solve the problem

Whatever the reason, your opinion and thoughts are important and should be heard.

Over the last year Bradford Council has gone through the motions of letting Ilkley residents and business have their say on the proposed parking measures and charges, but have they listened? Have they taken on board the suggestions made by residents, businesses and visitors?

This survey gives YOU a chance to share your views, thoughts and ideas in an anonymous way. Unlike the feedback that Bradford Council has received the results to this survey will be published for all the world to see.

So please take just a few minutes to complete the survey.

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Takes just a few minutes

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Quick and easy

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Completely anonymous

This is a completely independent survey and nothing to do with Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The survey is being conducted free of charge by an Ilkley resident and the results will be shared publicly on this web site. The aim is to allow people to have a say and for their opinion, thoughts and ideas to be heard. The survey results will provide a benchmark that can be used in any further studies after the parking measures have been introduced, to identify whether the changes have been judged to a success of a failure. A massive thanks goes out to everyone who takes the time to contribute.