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25 September 2023
Today, we find ourselves facing a crucial decision that could impact the way we navigate our roads – the proposal for a town-wide 20mph speed limit and the introduction of 190 speed bumps. The intention behind this proposal is to enhance road safety and reduce the risk of accidents within our community. By lowering the speed limit and installing speed bumps, proponents argue that we can create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike. However, it is essential
25 September 2023
Greetings, fellow Ilkley residents! From the sweeping moors to our beloved Betty’s Tea Rooms, Ilkley has long been a town that blends the charm of yesteryears with the growth and development of the present. Now, we’re on the cusp of another transformative event that could change the face of our town - the proposal for a new fountain design at the top of Brook Street. The proposed designs vary from classic Victorian to modern minimalist, each offering a unique aesthetic