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25 September 2023

ISSUE: The Proposed 20mph Speed Limit and Speed Bumps

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Today, we find ourselves facing a crucial decision that could impact the way we navigate our roads – the proposal for a town-wide 20mph speed limit and the introduction of 190 speed bumps.

The intention behind this proposal is to enhance road safety and reduce the risk of accidents within our community. By lowering the speed limit and installing speed bumps, proponents argue that we can create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike.

However, it is essential that we engage in an open, unbiased discussion to ensure that all viewpoints are considered. We invite each and every one of you to participate in a town-wide survey to share your thoughts on this important matter. Your voice matters, and your input will help shape the future of our town.

Here are a few points to consider as you ponder the proposed changes:

  • Safety First: How can we strike a balance between ensuring the safety of all road users and maintaining a smooth flow of traffic?

  • Congestion Concerns: Will the introduction of 190 speed bumps cause increased congestion and longer travel times? Are there alternative solutions that could achieve the same safety goals without such an impact?

  • Enforcement: How can we ensure that the proposed 20mph speed limit is effectively enforced? What measures need to be in place to address non-compliance?

  • Cost Considerations: What would be the financial implications of implementing these changes? Are there other areas where these funds could be better utilised for the benefit of our community?

We understand that opinions may differ on this matter, and that’s why it’s important for everyone to have a say. The survey will remain open until 30th October 2023, giving you ample time to share your thoughts.

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Please note that all responses will be treated anonymously and used solely for the purpose of understanding public opinion on the proposed speed limit and speed bumps.

We encourage you to share this blog post with your friends, family members, and neighbors so they can also contribute their views. This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and shape our town’s future.

Remember, this is not just a discussion about speed limits and speed bumps but also about creating a safer environment for everyone in Ilkley.

Thank you for taking the time to participate. Let’s make our voices heard!

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