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05 September 2023

Could you end up in prison for not complying?

The video is a critique of the energy bill, which the speaker finds to be horrendous. The bill consists of 379 pages, with an additional 144 pages of amendments. The speaker believes that the bill is outdated and was influenced by Boris Johnson’s views on environmental issues. The bill includes intrusive powers for Whitehall to dictate what individuals can and cannot do. The speaker suggests that the bill should be scrapped and restarted, focusing on specific topics such as carbon capture and storage. One particular concern raised is Clause 248, which introduces sanctions for non-compliance with Net Zero regulations. The speaker finds it offensive that civil penalties of up to £15,000 can be imposed, and energy performance regulations may even include criminal offenses with imprisonment for up to 12 months. The speaker appeals to the Speaker of the House of Commons to remove this provision from the bill. They give an example of someone being imprisoned for not having an energy performance certificate, which they believe is excessive and against their conservative values of freedom. They conclude by stating that the bill should be scrapped or parked in the House of Lords and never be implemented.

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